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A case for transmogrification and reforging engineering pets in Mists of Pandaria
A case for transmogrification and reforging engineering pets in Mists of Pandaria

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I want to get this idea around, in hopes that some pleasant wow gold designer smiles on it:Transmogrification and reforging bots for engineers in Mists of Pandaria.It may well appear like a little trivial, offered that they are only a matter of hearthing back to the city to do right there, but that's not always a good and viable alt2) Higher margin for error - high dps, hps, good tankingernative. When raiding, you do not possess a ton of area to do issues for only on your own, so you have to get into consideration the remainder of the group's time.Reforging pets, particularly, could be a boon for raiders. Usually instances, a brand new piece of gear may be immediately enchanted and gemmed (I understand I always carry a few extra gems and enchanting mats on me when I anticipate to have a large new piece of gear) even so, the reforging and "thinking time" (or Inquire Mr. Robot time) that's necessary for high-end raiding isn't easily completed. Folks can attempt to hearth and do it immediately during a scheduled break, but that's seldom practical.Transmogrification pets could be much less critical but would fit nicely to the wow gold engineering motif of supplying exceptional devices and toys that offer a minimum of some degree of usefulness and/or entertaining. Engineers currently have instant will now be playable by anyone regardless of expansions they own. This doesn't mean that Pandas can occur 28th of August. It also doesn't signify level 90 characters are around to WoW only very own|their particular} particular teleportation generators and might make some entertaining pets and whirligigs. Letting them and other people transmog their gear at a remote place, perhaps by means of a Jeeves-like item, could be a pleasant addition to the engineer's toolbox.So what say you, Blizzard, can we have now some mogging and reforging pets, please? We guarantee to only transmog to seem like Whitemane (and possibly Funny I thought he said 5 level 80 characters i.e 5 inscriptors. Why post it now when it is too late? You would also have needed the starlight ink as well.the Stormwind or Orgrimmar guards).
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