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Pandaria faction tabards don't grant reputation
Pandaria faction tabards don't grant reputation

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Breaking in the pattern set by Wrath and followed up in Cataclysm, this most up-to-date beta patch confirms that tabards for factions based mostly in Pandaria is not going to grant status for sporting them in dungeons. Rather, we'll be going back for the vanilla-style model where tabards are one of the rewards for hitting2. Dave has 50k gold stockpiled which is not being used for anything. He wouldn't mind a disco lion pet, so he ponies up 10k of it to purchase one. exalted level with a faction. I'm assuming that this can be part of Blizzard's system to make factions suggest something instead of just feeling like an obligatory Wish the concept artwork translated to being as cool in-game. Damn WoW's style -_-grind, as stated at the MoP press event in March.When I appreciated the buy wow gold ease of the rep-granting tabards, I appreciated them since with out them, obtaining rep for anyone factions was somewhat of the nightmare. If your way the system works now lets me gain rep at a realistic speed with out these tabards, hey, I'm all for bragging rights tabards as an alternative.The MoP factions that could be impacted by this (read through: all of them) are:The KlaxxiThe August CelestialsThe Golden LotusThe LorewalkersThe Buy of the Cloud SerpentThe Shado-PanThe TillersThe AnglersThe BrewmastersIt's open warfareI healed in WoW and it was boring like hell, just spamming the tank concerning Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, Globe of Warcraft's upcoming growth. Leap into 5 new amounts with new skills and class mechanics, consider the brand new monk class, and make a pandaren character to ally with both Horde or Alliance. Search for growth essentials in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press event coverage for a lot more specifics!
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