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Preparing for your new monk
Preparing for your new monk

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Interested in making an attempt out the brand new monk class, but can not inform your Tiger Strikes from your Tiger Palms? Written by Chase Hasbrouck of World of Monkcraft, WoW Insider's new monk coverage will get you kicking very quickly!So the release date's been officially announced, and you have decided you need to roll a monk. Superior to suit your needs! Now, even though, you have acquired a lot more than a hundred million expertise factors to have via in between one and 90. Ouch. Right here are some concepts for points you'll wish to have saved for your new character, whether you are gunning for your realm-first level 90 monk or just need a stress-free expertise.Gear masteryFirst up, having some heirloom items may be the clear commencing stage. Each and every heirloom armor piece will give you an XP bonus, and heirloom weapons contribute drastically for your injury output, which will get you via points faster. You have acquired two choices, agility leather for aspiring brewmasters and windwalkers or intellect leather for potential mistweavers. Because it stands now, even though, I would very recommend sticking with agility leather, a minimum of for leveling functions, since the offensive spell choice for mistweavers is constrained and isn't out there until eventually late.Either way, you'll have 6 most important slots that heirlooms can fill, 4 armor and two weapon (both a most important hand plus off hand or two-hander). Beneath, I have listed the main choices for every slot. Note the chest, shoulders, and weapons call for JPs, Champion's Seals, or Darkmoon Faire rep, when the cloak and helm call for a level 10/20 guild.Agility chest Stained Shadowcraft TunicIntellect chest Preened Ironfeather BreastplateAgility shoulders Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders or Outstanding Stormshroud ShouldersIntellect shoulders Preened Ironfeather Shoulders or Lasting Feralheart SpauldersAgility helm Stained Shadowcraft CapIntellect helm Preened Tribal War FeathersAgility cloak Inherited Cape of your Black BaronIntellect cloak Ancient Bloodmoon CloakAgility weapon Dual Venerable Mass of McGowan or Burnished Warden Personnel (not nevertheless out there in-game might be out there in five.0)Intellect weapon Dignified Headmaster's ChargeThere can also be some heirloom trinkets as well as a ring, but these are both not that handy or hard to get, so I would not be concerned a lot of. If you'd like to enchant your heirlooms, go ahead consider the out there heirloom enchant solutions, that are relatively sparse except for weapon enchants.That covers half your gear slots. Another half can have to become filled in by quest rewards or boss drPeople might say it doesn't care about WoW once again.. but thy do... they doooooo 30 000 person's online on MM-C at the moment.ops, based on the way you elect to level. Quest rewards need to cover you fairly solidly, but when you are setting up on full-time dungeoneering, you might wish to acquire a handful of greens in situation RNG just isn't your buddy. Jewellery, in particular, would seem to become relatively tough to come by in dungeons.Other necessitiesGold The shiny things! Whether or not you pre-buy all of the items I have pointed out by now, you are gonna want tons of gold to pay out for riding coaching, a fresh set of glyphs, and every other incidentals. Teaching all of the riding abilities will value in between 10k and 13k (based on just how much hard work you place into raising your faction track record), so I would want a minimum of 15k to 20k stashed away to come to feel relaxed. Definitely, if you'll be obtaining points like dungeon/raid BoEs, you'll want substantially far more.Bags Just depends just how much you need to shell out. Netherweave Bags, the bargain basement solution, will get you 16 slots for 15 gold each. Frostweave Bags, my recommendation, will get you 20 slots for a hundred to 120 gold, otherwise you can upgrade a little and grab 22-slot Embersilk Bags for about 300 gold nowadays. If you would like the best of your ideal, even though, be prepared to shell out 26-slot Illusionary Bags still run north of 3k gold on my server.Profession mats If you're setting up on the crafting occupation or professions for your monk, now's the best time to put aside the mats you'll must level it, due to the fact charges will probable rise drastically the moment Mists is in fact launched. If you're just obtaining everything in one go, you'll probable shell out 10k to 20k per occupation, but you could deliver this down considerably by not overpaying for selected items or farming some points on your own.Consumable crazinessThe gear I by now pointed out will be the best investmest you could make -- but c'mon, this is the to start with new class in 4 years! Let's splurge and get him/her to 90 in style.Food If you're rolling a pandaren, you are surely gonna want some buff meals to maximize your racial. If not, it still helps. I will comprehend in the event you skip the outdated planet and Outland meals, but surely consider laying in some Blackened Dragonfin/Skewered Eel, or Firecracker Salmon/Severed Sagefish Head for your mistweavers.Flasks/elixirs Mistweavers can use Flasks of Distilled Wisdom, that are very impressive for his or her level and can final you until eventually you could use Frostwyrm Flasks. The agility courses, in contrast, is going to be caught with Elixirs of Main Agility/Mighty Agility, even though assault electrical power WOW Gold consumables will work as well. If that's too expensive to suit your needs, Scrolls of Agility/Intellect really are a much less expensive option. Naturally, should you have some leftover Cataclysm flasks, throw these in for amounts 80 to 90.Potions Monks are by now fairly mobile, but a stack of Swiftness Potions by no means hurts, in particular to have with the early amounts. If you're questing, a handful of Swim Pace Potions may even come in helpful for all those irritating underwater locating expeditions. Healing Potions are usually handy to stop time-consuming corpse runs.Weapon enhancements Everyone usually forgets about weightstones, but they are very great for bumping BUY WOW GOLD up your injury for your agility-based monks. Mistweavers are not left out Wizard Oil will give you a pleasant intellect increase.Adventurer's Journals These items are commonly ignored, nevertheless they may be fairly impressive commencing at level 75. You have roughly a 50-50 possibility you'll proc a handy buff, but just the possibility at a 10% XP buff or possibly a self-heal proc is well worth it.One final note: To my know-how, no official word is place out about how the Recruit-A-Friend plan will interact with the achievement. I know of many individuals who by now have 79 amounts "banked" they approach to use to have an immediate 80 monk, so bear that in thoughts in the event you approach to compete for realm to start with. Personally, I'll probable be rolling being a brewmaster and queueing up many dungeons. What is your approach?It is open warfare in between Alliance and Horde in Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's next growth. Leap into five new amounts with new skills and class mechanics, check out the brand new monk class, and build a pandaren character to ally with both Horde or Alliance. Hunt for growth fundamentals in our Mists FAQ, or dig into our spring press occasion coverage for far more facts!
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