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Things that don't annoy me
Things that don't annoy me

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About half a yr in the past I wrote the report "Things that annoy me." Nonetheless, I am inside a great mood tonight:one. The music in Storm Peaks and Howling Fjord, specifically the choral portion of your former. Spooky and haunting and ethereally on edge, such as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had just glimpsed a considerable angry dinosaur to go through and it says inside in-game calender that WoW's Anniversery will begin at 3 am SE RÉVÈLE ÊTRE.} window.two. The leather boots offered at exalted using the Argent Crusade. Yes, the stats are excellent, but it truly is how they seem on Tauren that seriously vaults them in to the realm of unbridled win. For all I realize, thethe game dosnt need more gold WOW Gold EU sinks...just less ppl that have nothing better to do other than sit in the ah all the time rather than playing the bulk of the game...if anything the should reduce the gold cap. graphic on female Tauren is usually a severe bug that programmers are functioning frantically to proper, but I believe that booI understand - but they have different monthly rates in some countries afaik. Having to balance a flat point system has proven to be cumbersome (ask Microsoft and xbox live about that). They'd probably calculate to it to the closest US dollar - which in some cases, some countries might get 70 BNPs and others may get 50 BNPs, unless they use a currency-by-currency rate.ts on the cow seem wonderful.three. Dalaran when it is not crawling with people today.four. That's to say in no way.five. Virtually almost everything that Large Overlord Saurfang says, does, thinks, or writes for that entirety of your Horde's Wrath storyline.6. Getting achievements devoid of realizing they existed inside the first area: "Shatter Resistant? What the %#*& is usually a brittle golem?"7. Icecrown. Pick a quest, any quest, and you can't go wrong.8. The fact that a legion of murderous Death Knights offers healing gear.9. WOW Gold The Frenzyheart/Oracle dynamic in Sholazar Basin. The whole notion of cute and fuzzy animals at each others' throats is equal parts amusing and disturbing, like blundering into a genocidal conflict between Kewpie dolls and plush toys.10. Despite the fact that I have now killed more red dragons by accident than most major lore figures have done on purpose, NPC's just keep giving me new ones.11. Finally seeing my first female Dwarf Rogue the other day. Forget rare mounts or legendary weapons roll a female Dwarf Rogue and people today will stop in their tracks.12. Logging on and seeing the tail end of a conversation in guild chat that finished with "A shallow grave is usually a bad grave."13. The fact that Ghostcrawler hasn't cracked yet and started programming horrible ingame crab-related deaths for that idiots harassing him on the forums. 14. The fact that Ghostcrawler might crack and start programming horrible ingame crab-related deaths for that idiots hathe demand of gold should have increased,rassing him on the forums. 15. The phrase "crab-related deaths."16. Druid Tier 6. By God, that set was beautiful. 17. Having an out-of-combat resurrection spell as a Druid, and not having to PvP anymore to stay defense-capped as a bear tank. I hate PvP, and having to do it in order to PvE effectively was hell. 18. I may not miss PvP, but I will always treasure the time I got trounced by a pigtailed female Gnome Warrior in full Season three. Say what you will about the frustration factor, but it truly is a weird honor to die to massively underplayed race/class comb0. 19. That time I pugged with a Shaman who had /y FOR FRODO! macro'd to Bloodlust. 20. What erupted in Trade chat the day someone typed the line "WTB [Black Pearl]." 21. Vaneras having to suggest that likening the CM's to Hitler and Stalin may not be a historically valid comparison.22. The macro that my guild leader has ready for every occasion wherein a new player insists on the strategy formulated under another raid leader: /g Listen, I never care what your old guild did/ /g Your old guild sucked/ /g That's why you're in my guild.23. (This space reserved for that eventual fight with Arthas, which is going to be totally wonderful and kick all kinds of ass, especially because I already have Jaina's coin in my pack). 24. Drinking Pungent Seal Whey and not stopping to assume about it anymore. 25. The skies and scenery of Northrend. This in no way gets old.
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