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Just an hour back, we described that über mutant guild conglomerate TwentyFifthNovember, a merger of two of the world's bleeding edge guilds -- SK Gaming and Nihilum -- beat the 'entry-level' raid of Naxxramas. This was fast, although not entirely unexpected considering that Naxxramas was an old-world raid that was retuned for 25-man (and 10-man) articles. However, TwentyFifthNovember's website reports that they have also defeated Malygos, currently the end, and supposedly most5k advanced flight-1k for the DK mount difficult, boss of current Wrath of the Lich King articles (Icecrown and Arthas will be accessible in a future patch). Their website says 'soon...' but I didn't take that to mean 'right now'.This means that within three days of the game's launch, a guild has leveled to max level (although some members of the raid were below 80) and defeated all available raid articles. While Blizzard has admitted to tuning the game to become more accessible to more players, or a more casual audience, TwentyFThis seems to be a common trend for Agi leather as well. There was a player doing it on Staghelm a few months ago. So whenever I acquired Agi pieces as a drop or by buying them cheap, I'd pop them in the AH for half of what he was selling them for (stilWith the introduction of the new Guardian Cub. which can be bought with real world currency and then sold for wow gold, and the introduction of guild services. I was wondering if blizzard had put any thought into people now taking advantage of people buying guild and delivering them to other players a realms in game for BUY WOW GOLD a finders fee. What is their stance on that? or am I just not reading my terms of service....l outrageously overpriced so that normal levelers wouldn't buy them) and HE would buy them from me. After about a week of doing this, his Agi Store shut down. It was pretty fun knowing I had a hand in running him out of business all Wow Gold while making tons of gold off of him.ifthNovember's defeat of all PvE articles available in the current game brings into question just how tuned down PvE is by MMO-champion, not WoW-championYet Rift's huge expansion didn't be handed a passing mention? I don't believe GW2's discharge announcement got any coverage either, except maybe a set up to off-site.ent|content material|material|articles|information|written content} has become. It will wow gold be interesting to see how long it will take another Guild to clear through all of Northrend. Congratulations, TwentyFifthNovember! You can now all go an play Guitar Hero. Or something.
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